How to choose the most suitable bridesmaid dress?

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How to choose the most suitable bridesmaid dress? - TANIRI

Pick up the most suitable bridesmaid dress according to the wedding color scheme

The stage of choosing a bridesmaid dress for the wedding is one of the most important decisions when organizing the wedding. After all, every girl wants to look attractive at the celebration!

Shades collection in Taniri online store

There is a great choice of dresses in different colors, from such a variety of just scattered eyes. You can study the main fashion trends in the wedding world to understand which option is most suitable for your wedding and make the right choice.

  • Burgundy is the color of passion. If there is a bright and sexy color, it is undoubtedly burgundy. It's a win-win for any girl. It goes with any skin tone and any cleavage and neckline.
  • Mysterious look in black. Very feminine, elegant, and plain. This color would suit any girl! All your bridesmaids will thank you because they can wear this dress long-term.
  • Olive? I love olive! There are countless shades of green: emerald, turquoise, and aquamarine. The olive color is a very natural and fresh color. You and your guests can create a harmonious and elegant outfit for any evening wedding wearing this color.
  • The power of blue. Royal blue is the color you should turn to if you have been looking for the right option for a long time. This color will always be your salvation because blue dresses will remain in the trend for a long time.
  • Natural shades. Cinnamon, earthy, brown, and coffee tones are back in fashion. They are perfect for darker and lighter skin types, giving a touch of naturalness to any wedding in the countryside or the mountains.

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Easily transformable infinity dresses will be popular this year. For example, they can be tied in the front or back and changed the length. The advantage of this model is that after the wedding, the outfit can be worn to other celebrations. Also, it doesn't need to be customized, and it looks gorgeous on every bridesmaid.

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